We are opening up the opportunity to travel to Abidjan, Ivory Coast to assist WELL Africa in the building of their high school. Ground was broken for the school in June 2019 in the village Soumahorodougou near San Pedro.

The high school is being built for the students that attended the first WELL Africa primary school built in 2013 and who are now ready to attend high school. If we don’t help, students could be sent back to the farms due to the fact that there is no high school in the area.

So far, the high school has registered 900 kids from 17 villages surrounding the school.  We anticipate more applicants so we are aiming for a facility that can hold up to 1000 students.
The school will have 10 classrooms, an administration building for teachers and staff, a computer lab, a library, and an area dedicated to sport(which is a critical part for students who have to take national exams). We will also build 8-10 bathrooms.
The goal is to get the school completed by April 2020, as we need time to work on details with the government to ensure we have teachers and staff needed for the academic year 2020-2021.
Volunteers Needed**

The trip will last 7 days where you need to be prepared to do hard labor building the school. We will also take some time to visit the existing schools and chicken farms which we helped establish.

Cost: We are asking each applicant to raise $3000 in the form of a donation to Relief Haven. Relief Haven will then cover all expenses except vaccinations and travel to/from the US departure airport.



Vaccinations Required: Yellow Fever, Measles, and routine vaccinations. Recommended: Typhoid, Hep A, and Malaria.

Donations can be made directly through the Relief Haven Website. Please note the name of the traveler so we know who to attach the donation to. * All donations are tax-deductible.

Note: If you are an employee of BGZ brands and wish to set up a salary withdrawal, please email aharrison@bgzbrands.com. BGZ brands employees also qualify for paid leave when they volunteer.