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Kirk and April Feller are the Founders and Managing Directors of The Relief Haven Foundation, a family organization based in Lehi, Utah. The continuing success of their company, BGZ brands, has enabled them to to give back to society. The foundation is fulfilling their dream of 'helping others help themselves.'

Alycia Garner serves as the Executive Director of The Relief Haven Foundation and is responsible for supporting the overall strategy and vision of the founders while overseeing the local and global initiatives. Her vast experience includes working for the Juvenile Justice Service, assisting youth programs in East Palo Alto, and completing field research with the Himba tribes in Namibia. Alycia has a BA of Fine Arts from Brigham Young University and has taken continuing education courses in Philanthropy and Nonprofit at Stanford University.

Mikayla is currently working on her Bachelors Degree at Utah Valley University. Her love of humanitarian work developed as she volunteered in Peru building medical clinics. She loves to celebrate and engage with different cultures and people. She recently returned from a year-long missionary service in Fort Worth, Texas where she served the Latino communities.